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Numismatics Collection

Numismatics: the study and collection of currencies. While not the most exciting or scientific of studies, there is always a certain flair about holding a piece of history or a slice of culture from around the globe. Since the early Mesopotamian civilizations, money has been used as a standardized way of bartering. And with the advent of forging metals, coins became an easy, reliable, durable, and portable alternative to early monetary units such as shells in some cultures. 

Coin collecting is a popular hobby for many so it comes to no surprise that people are able to identify with the oldest collection in the Sholesonian. Here at the museum we try to use the Numismatics collection as a springboard of sorts, using a simple coin or bill to branch off and learn more about where it came from. Who is this person that appears on the dollar? What did he or she do that was so significant that they are forever in-framed on national currency? These are the answers we seek.

This collection houses even more than just coins. The Numismatics Collection is a bit of a misnomer, because while a significant portion of the specimens are national currencies from all over the world, we also delve into the area of philately - stamp collecting. Currently there is only one small donation of stamps in the collection, but over time we hope to expand that to include more of this other normal collection. And as always if you wish to know more or seek out a specimen leave a comment here on the blog, check out the Facebook page, or contact the museum