Friday, April 8, 2011

Old Spice - HS 032

HS 032
Old Spice Bottle
Era: 1950's
Details: needs to be restored

Long before Isaiah Mustafa had his claim to fame in now popular Old Spice Commercials, Old Spice had a slightly different set of products. Originally a Shulton Company fragrance for women, it later turned into products for men, including aftershave and shaving soap. This was the case from 1938 until 1990 when the company was purchased by Proctor and Gamble where not only was the trademarked changed from the traditional sailing ship to a more streamlined yacht, but also expanded their products to include deodorants, body wash, and sprays. 

Awhile back I found this bottle slightly buried in my backwoods, probably thrown out by some previous owners before the modern day waste-removal systems. As you can see this is an older bottle, due to the classic brand design and bottle form, and is After Shave Talcum powder instead of the traditional After Shave Lotion. Doing a little bit of research I find that this most closely resembles the 1956 glass bottle form due to its shape. And although it is missing the distinctive bottle stopper which would give a more accurate date to it, the design and writing seems to do the trick. 

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