4.6 billion years ago the protoplanetary disk spinning around our ordinary sun finally coalesced to form the planet Earth. It was much different then, no life or oceans, only molten rock as far as an eye could see. But over the billions of years the material that makes up our small rocky planet has undergone changes, evolving throughout time. Supercontinents have come and gone, rocks have been upturned and ripped, only to erode away. There are constant reminders of the power within the Earth. Devastating earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and mud slides all show us of the dangers that lurk. But there is a certain beauty to be found on the thin layer of crust we call home. 

We use the 'fruits of the Earth' in all our everyday lives. Metal is extracted from ore-rich rocks, power is derived from radioactive power or fossil fuels found deep underground, the sheet rock on the walls is made of gypsum, even the Pepto-Bismol you use contains the mineral kaolinite. But while these examples are all certainly bland, there are plenty of treasures waiting to be discovered. Geodes, gems, crystals, and plenty of other rocks, minerals, and glasses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to bring elegance and beauty to both our houses and planet. 

The Collections of Geology here at the Sholesonian is one of the larger collections, owing in part to large amounts of material being collected from various places and many fine mineral specimens being bought. The collection houses a variety of different classes of terra firma. Rocks, minerals, sands, natural glasses, and similar items all call the Sholesonian home. Following this introduction will be a list of what has already been catalogued with links to those that have already been posted. If you have a question about a specific specimen or the collection as a whole feel free to contact the museum