Mission: The Sholesonian aims to create a collection of historical, scientific, and interesting pieces to provide others with enjoyment and knowledge. This blog is used to help with outreach and provide a means to make the specimens of the museum, which currently has no physical building, available to the general public so that they may enjoy them too.

Founded in 2010 the Sholesonian updates on a fairly regular basis with specimens from it's six main collections: Natural History, Geology, Publications, Numismatics, Fossils, and History and Culture.

  • Natural History: This collection is used to store and preserve the natural world around us. Its mainly houses the insects, spiders, and shells collected and donated. 
  • Geology: This collection houses all the rocks, minerals, sands, and meteoritic materials. 
  • Publications: This smaller collection is used to store old books, records, pamphlets, and other materials that have been published or are in some sort of medium. 
  • Numismatics: A bit of a misnomer, this collection is used to house the variety of coins and paper money used all over the world throughout time, but is also used to keep the smaller stamp collection. 
  • Fossils: Combining the areas of Natural History and Geology is the Fossils Collection which stores specimens that display forms of past life.
  • History and Culture: Picking up the rear is the History and Culture Collection which is used to keep all the antiques and pieces of our time to preserve the past and the present for the future. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to make a suggestion or correction to anything you find here you can email us over at Sholesonian@gmail.com or find us over on Facebook.

Director of the Sholesonian:
Steven Sholes

About: Has been collecting interesting things for years and finally founded the Sholesonian to catalog all the interesting and scientific specimens. As an astronomy major at Cornell University he also does much of the curation and collection for the museum in his free time writing up and publishing all the blog posts.

Graphic Designer:
Rachel Langham

About: Enjoys drawing as a hobby, but doesn't have the time to progress her talent due to being a biology major (and pre-veterinary student) at Cornell.  She has been known to wrangle peacocks, herd chickens, shear sheep, tickle rats, and attempt to speak Arabic with almost any native speaker she can find.

We currently only have one full time staff member, however there are many people who help out and we would like to thank.

Kayla G. - Natural History collector and Spider Identification
Cathy W. - Natural History collector
David C. - Shell Identification
Everyone who has made generous donations
And the good folks over at Spider Identification