Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mystery Rock - GEO 018

GEO 018
'Peach Fuzz'
Class: Mineral
Location: Unknown
Details: mineral unknown

So nothing too notable today, in fact I don't even know what this rock/mineral is. You see a few years back, in either 2009 or 2008, there was a yard sale in Newark, New York where a couple of collectors were downsizing their collection as they were moving. This meant high-quality, large, and a big selection of specimens to choose from. I'll be posting more from this collection later on, and will have the actual name of the collection it used to belong to.

This particular piece is interesting because of it's peach-fuzz like texture. Basically the only reason I got it, and it looks pretty nice on display. Unfortunately I still don't know what it was because when they were selling them only a few had labels and this guy didn't. But still, enjoy!

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